Become a PCO



A PCO is one of the most powerful positions in the nation where you can really make a difference politically.

You can become a PCO during election cycles by registering at the Courthouse or online, however at any time you can still become a PCO by being appointed by our Franklin County Republican Party Chairman.  PCO elections occur every two years and the next election will be 2018.

Each neighborhood, or PRECINCT, is designated with a number. You can check out your information including what your precinct number is at www.myvote.wa.gov. 



The Franklin County Auditor's Office offers Online Candidate Filing!  Go to the Franklin County Auditor's website at www.co.franklin.wa.us/elections and find more information by clicking the "candidates" button. You can now file for public office from your computer.


Before you are officially recorded as a candidate for public office, your Declaration of Candidacy must be reviewed by the Auditor's Office for accuracy and completeness.  Filings are not official until validated and approved by the Auditor.  Your name will appear on the Franklin County Elections as a candidate for office once your Declaration of Candidacy is validated and approved.  There is no filing fee for PCOs.


  • You must be a registered voter in the district for which you are filing;
  • You must have a valid email address,

Once your submission has been reviewed, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you provided and your name will appear on the Franklin County website as a candidate for the office for which you filed.

As a convenience, you will get emails notifying you about additional candidate filings for the same office.

All races except PCOs will be included in an online Franklin County local voters' pamphlet for the Primary.  

Withdrawal of Declaration of Candidacy

A Declaration of Candidacy may be withdrawn by submitting a written request for withdrawal to the Auditor’s Office.

Knowingly providing false information on a Declaration of Candidacy is a class C felony as provided by RCW 29A.84.711.